Meticulous, successful media plans continuously reach your target audience in the most cost-efficient way possible. Be sure your next strategy is effective by putting a little extra preparation into your media plan with these easy tips.

  1. Keep realistic expectations in check. Dream big—we encourage it! However, it’s equally important to make sure your goals are as realistic as they are aspirational. Align marketing and media objectives so they work together towards achieving the same goal.
  2. Take a chance on new types of marketing. Much like the rest of life, variety is the spice of marketing. Just because a strategy has worked before doesn’t mean it needs to be done habitually. Study last year’s plan hard to determine your most effective advertising mediums and tweak it to produce better results.
  3. Be current. Along the same lines as the above, although you may be catering to the same audience as the last media plan you did for the brands at hand, things have likely changed. What does the audience love, watch, read and respect today? How can you connect what they do in the digital-focused world with tangible offline behaviors? Timeliness is truly everything in marketing.
  4. Check in frequently. For an annual media plan, a six-month milestone is not enough. When reviewing current statistics and numbers, ask yourself what can be done tomorrow to optimize your media plan and produce the best results. For a real-time example of checking in on the status of a media plan, using A/B testing can allow for a comparison of one element against another to see which excels in performance.
  5. Know what success looks like ahead of time. Implementing a system of measurement for success from the beginning is a great way of tracking accomplishments during the progression of your media plan. Bonus: You can compare your progress on your next go-round.

By applying these tips for media planning success, you can achieve the results you seek. For more tips like this, be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. To learn more about media planning, contact us.

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