Greg Corey

7 things you need to know about the founder of Porchlight.

  1. He lives and breathes home improvement.
    If you’ve been in Greg’s office, you know that there’s a framed orange apron on the wall. His time as an art director at The Home Depot was not a blip. It was the foundation for his career and is a part of his identity.
  2. He’s a doting father and adoring husband.
    Greg and his wife, Amber, have two energetic young kids. If you see him, be sure to ask Greg about the green marker art on his Apple wireless keyboard. A few of us are lucky enough to have known him before he had kids. Back then, he had less gray hair and showed up for happy hour.
  3. He’s a discerning business owner.
    Even though there are jobs he might want to take on for free, Greg’s priority is doing the right thing for Porchlight, which includes our clients and our team. He’s frugal, pragmatic and future-driven. He’s often quoted around the office saying with regards to client work, “Work like your time is your money, not the client’s.”
  4. He’s a packaging pack rat (a package rat?).
    Greg often shows up to work with empty containers, shipping boxes, wrappers, you name it. It’s usually on Mondays, after he’s been on a “store walk” or shopping. His appreciation for packaging design is endless, and he’s not afraid to share it.
  5. He can’t spell.
    That’s okay. He’s a discerning business owner and has surrounded himself with people who can spell.
  6. He doesn’t show up for happy hour nearly as often as we wish he did.
    See #2 above.
  7. He’s not just our boss, he’s our leader and friend.
    See above, all of the above.

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