Attention to Detail

We’re all adults, here. We’re all really busy. We get it, the tyranny of the urgent is more urgent than ever. But, let’s take a minute and talk about that misspelling on your website. Then, let’s talk about that grammatical hiccup on your packaging. It’s just not okay. There are a lot of really smart people selling really great products, and still they manage to sabotage themselves with seemingly minor, completely avoidable, terrible typos.

This may seem like a generalization, but it’s not. Perhaps it’s the impermanence of digital media that has so many companies throwing information up online without proofing it. After all, you can always change it, right? But how many people will see that you misspelled one of your own products before you catch the mistake yourself? What does it say about your brand quality? What’s that? Quality is one of your brand values? Uh-oh.

In the pre-digital world when all collateral came off a press, mistakes cost instant money. People took them seriously, and everyone had red pens at the ready. Now, mistakes are harder to quantify, and they cost credibility, which costs more in the long run.

Listen, this blog post isn’t meant to preach, and we know that no one tunes in to hear a sermon on grammar. The point is, we’re here to help. Spelling and grammar aren’t universal skills, but they are universal standards. For that reason, Porchlight has incorporated proofing into our process from the beginning. It’s a commitment so important to us that even the biggest fire drills get put under the microscope.

When you have the confidence that comes with true attention to detail, and proofing is part of your process, mistakes can be eliminated. Meanwhile, quality becomes a characteristic of your brand that permeates everything you produce, from the footer on your website to the engineering of your product.

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