Pulling Together Brand Identity with Nashua Tape

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video

Porchlight’s work with Berry Global stretches back nearly a decade. In that time, we’ve been fortunate to help brand multiple Berry products. After our work on their Ironforce brand, Berry asked us to focus on their Nashua tape brand. We were given plenty of latitude to explore just what could be done with this brand of heavy-duty tape that’s used in trades like HVAC, electrical and home improvement, to name just a few. We saw the potential and took it from there.

We started by ideating on Nashua’s positioning, developing its branding through creative concepting. This culminated in a creative campaign that focused on the brand’s identity and sold its authenticity. The Porchlight team developed digital and print ad concepts that utilized the product itself in the design, using different colors to denote Nashua’s many products and applications. We shot and directed the photography of the ad under the tagline we developed: “Trust that Sticks.”

Our next Nashua project saw us creating a five-part series of short explainer videos profiling each type of Nashua tape and its applications. We created storyboards and scripts for the videos, then handled the videography and voiceovers. The digital deliverables also included banner ads and DIY videos, too.

Our work on Nashua tape began in 2014, and we continued to work on the brand for several more years. To this day, we enjoy a fruitful partnership with their parent company Berry Global. Our continued collaboration is a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction and our willingness to see brands through to their full potential.


  • Five Explainer Videos
  • “Trust that Sticks” Advertising Campaign
  • Pro-Targeted Digital and Print Ads
  • DIY-Targeted Digital and Print Ads


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