With summer in full swing, it can be hard to take your mind off of cool drinks by the pool, let alone delve into marketing strategies catering to various types of shoppers. Here are a few tips to effectively market digitally and traditionally to common shopper types. Or, feel free to use it to help find out what type of shopper you are. Whether loved or loathed, shopping is an occurrence in nearly every person’s life. Don’t miss out on the chance to market to them.

The Impulse Buyer. They’ll buy what looks good and feels right at the time on the whim.

Tip: Grab their attention with eye-catching visual design in-store. Showcase the product as a recommendation as something they need. Great packaging is an impulse buyer’s dream. You can also appeal to this shopper by being first in search. An impulse buyer may search for a product online, click the first option and buy it right on the spot.

The List-Maker. Can also be categorized as need-based. They have specific intentions, and getting them away from them is no easy feat.

Tip: While many people make lists when heading into the store, things can get complicated when they aren’t sure which product to choose. According to the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research, 84% of smartphone-wielding shoppers use their phones to help them shop and make decisions within the store. When your product shows up in a search, you’re on your way to getting on their prized list. Need-based customers can turn into loyal customers once they realize your product meets their needs.

The Bargain Hunter. Their decisions are made on price rather than a shiny new object. The better the markdown, the more likely they are to purchase.

Tip: Advertise your sales with compelling newspaper and online ads. Also use social media to announce sales, and even consider directly targeting your followers and asking them to share your products on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re just starting to build your customer base, try offering introductory rates or discounts to first-time customers.

The Devotee. You can’t break them away from their favorite brand, store or website—they buy everything there and probably always will.

Tip: Geo-targeted ads can be sent to shoppers in a specific location, like their favorite store. If you’re looking to sway this shopper, get in their store of choice and aim to stand out with a compelling offer or content. While they may be loyal to the store, if your product is truly differentiated and brings the shopper more value, you have a shot at replacing their favorite brand.

The Browser. They have no specific needs, but rather seek products they want or convince themselves they need. Similar to the impulse buyer.

Tip: Advertise effectively on social media—think Facebook ads, a consistent presence on Twitter and expertly designed pins on Pinterest. This type of shopper can stumble upon your product at any time, so it’s important to have a presence. Online advertisements and striking in-store displays are also your friend.

Remember: This is just a short introduction. The patterns of shoppers are fascinating and worth the examination. Contact us to learn more and be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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