For 3 great years, Jessica Moore has shared her Adobe tips, impersonations and legendary fishing stories with the team at Porchlight. We think she’s pretty special, here’s why…

How does the team describe her?
She’s quick-witted, sarcastic and pretty damn funny. She’s wicked smart, talented, ambitious, focused and detail oriented. She’s also a good person, supportive, generous and kind.
In other words:

  1. We consider cancelling happy hour when she can’t come.
  2. We all want to sit next to her in the office.
  3. We all feel lucky to know her.

What do we wish she could teach us?
How to fish, shoot pool, stay calm and think, juggle projects, troubleshoot everything and more Adobe shortcuts.

What her boss, Greg Corey, has to say about Jessica.
Every team needs a teacher, and Jessica is that for our team. She has a positive, open attitude towards learning. She never hesitates to jump in and learn something new on her own and she’s equally willing to teach others.

What does Jessica want people to know about Porchlight?
Everyone at Porchlight has some niche talent, skill, or knowledge in a specific program or medium. We’re all very open to asking for help from each other, giving help to each other and teaching each other. I’ve learned something unexpected and valuable from every person on our team.

Got a favorite project, Jessica?
Working on the SANYDEPOT website gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone (structural design) and work in a medium and with software that I knew less about (website design). Being able to work hand-in-hand with coworkers who had more experience helped me to learn along the way. I was able to create a website from beginning to end, art direct the on-site equipment photoshoot and even drive an excavator (high point).

What’s something you love doing or wish you could do more of?
I love structural design, a.k.a. playing with cardboard boxes. I really enjoy figuring out how something folds, glues, and prints and looking for ways to make it unique.

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