Monica Beesting

It’s been two years since Monica joined our team. Lucky, lucky us! MoBeesting is wise beyond her years and so talented. But that doesn’t prevent us from treating her like a Millennial spy. The truth is, she defies demography. She’s in a class by herself.

How does the team describe her?
She’s intense, confident, dependable, funny (bordering on silly), extremely passionate, positive, detail-oriented, quick-witted and super adaptable. Also, she has great hair. Have you seen her bobblehead?
In other words:

  1. We think she might be magic.
  2. We wish she’d been friends with us in high school.
  3. We’ll follow her anywhere.

What do we wish she could teach us?
Unanimously, we all want her to teach us how to have Jedi confidence. Next, we want her mad video, time management and diplomacy skills. Apparently, she knows some good TikTok slang, too.

What her boss, Greg Corey, has to say about Monica.
Because Monica is so smart and confident, she’s able to focus on the work, rationally and skillfully. For lack of a better expression, she identifies her role and provides as much value as possible in it. So many designers get sidetracked by trying to prove their skills. Monica, though good at so many things, never needs to show it. She does what she’s asked, asks questions when she needs to and nails it all the time. That’s impressive.

What does Monica want people to know about Porchlight?
Everyone at Porchlight is so supportive of each other! Whether it’s giving an opinion on a project, sharing their knowledge or discussing personal stories at the water cooler, we’re a real team and we get along so well.

Got a favorite project, Monica?
Any project where I can learn something new or figure out a different way of doing something.

What’s something you love doing or wish you could do more of?
I’ve loved learning 3D, and I really want to keep developing my 3D rendering skills. I’m looking for every chance I can get to practice. It’s really cool to see something come to life and look so realistic when you’ve created it from beginning to end.

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