Today, we’re wishing Penny Cannon a happy 2/10-year workaversary. Say what?…It’s a long story, but if you know Penny, you know that everything is a long story. As our resident writer, she’s one for exploring details and setting a scene. She also heads up strategy and jumps in on design when needed. She’s been part of the team off and on since 2010, hence the confusing work dates.

How does the team describe her?
She’s kind, conscientious, approachable and caring. She’s a creative thinker, smart and professional, but also a little bit zany. She’s really good at seeing the big picture and helping out when folks are busy. When she’s not writing and trying her best to ignore everyone, Penny works really hard to make us feel like a team.

In other words:
1. We wish she’d show up for more lunches and happy hours.
2. We count on her to have our back and a strong vocabulary.
3. If we ever have a company retreat, we’ll know whose idea it is.

What do we wish she could teach us?
Depending on who you ask, folks at Porchlight either want lessons in storytelling, layout or publication design. Considering our crazy, fast-paced work environment, we all envy Penny’s ability to slow down, calm down and think strategically. Curiously absent from the list is tech support. Apparently, that’s not her jam.

What her boss, Greg Corey, has to say about Penny.
As someone who always feels like I need to get something done and/or checked off my list in a hurry, Penny is just the opposite. She can have a million things on her list and still take the time that she needs to do a project right…even if it’s starting at the beginning again. She is amazing at seeing how starting in the right place can make all the difference in the outcome of a project. Her vision helps guide the team in the right direction and bring us back when we’ve gotten off track. Penny also really cares about our people, our team and especially our clients. She has an amazing way of seeing their point of view and is able to help push us to meet our clients’ expectations.

What does Penny want people to know about Porchlight?
The team at Porchlight is one of the most talented, hardworking, diverse teams I’ve ever known. We work so hard, all the time. But, when we take a break, we have so much fun. I really enjoy and respect everyone that I work with, and that’s a rare find.

Got a favorite project, Penny?
The first year I was back at Porchlight, I worked almost exclusively on IGA signage. In the process of developing their signage kit, I traveled to stores, attended their Global Rally and met independent grocers from all over the world. Small town grocers are the nicest people, and I couldn’t help but want to design signs that would make them more successful.

What’s something you love doing or wish you could do more of?
I’ve always been focused on branding and identity work, and these days that’s taking the shape of content development. I’m fascinated by the strategy of content because it’s so raw. There’s no pretty pictures or cool designs, it’s just your expertise and thoughts, and finding the value in that is really exciting to me.

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