Branded packaging designed to bite back at the big brands

As advocates of strong branding guidelines and champions of consistency, it might seem surprising to know that we are also big believers in shaking things up to give brands a competitive advantage. As we’ve noted in other IGA case studies, variety is part of brand strategy, but so is defining that variety. So, when is it okay for a brand to look different?

When it came to IGA’s brand strategy, we developed a three-tiered identity. This approach gives IGA the flexibility to compete on multiple levels from low price to best quality to best-in-class. Value-oriented core items are solidly branded and identifiable. Differentiated items are more stylized to compete in categories where styles vary. Meanwhile, we reserved the custom tier for a select few items where competition is limited, and IGA can present its product as a leader.

As you can see, IGA’s new potato chip packaging is indeed custom. It departs from the kraft background, using bright, bold colors to grab attention and mouth-watering photography to convey flavor and texture. Core elements such as callouts, graphic brush styles, and fonts are present and provide family resemblance. All the IGA products still live under one roof, after all. It just so happens that potato chips are the super outgoing, trendy member of the family.