When we talk about working with a wide range of clients, Knotwood provides a great opportunity to go deeper into what we mean by that. As a market leader of wood-alternative building materials, Knotwood has an established brand and a creative team to support it. It’s these otherwise self-sufficient clients that account for some of our largest volumes of work. Often, Porchlight provides a fresh creative approach or a particular service that internal teams need. Other times, we are brought on to take a project, one that an internal team has started, and we run with it. Such was the case with Knotwood.

In 2018, Knotwood joined Omnimax International, a global manufacturer of building products and an existing client of Porchlight. With the transition, the Knotwood identity and nomenclature came into question. Porchlight was brought on to run with and alongside what their own efforts had produced. In the end, the best decision was to keep their existing brand intact. This was a decision we recommended and supported wholeheartedly. After all, good decisions – creative and business decisions alike – are rooted in strategy, and strategy is our inspiration.

Following this identity consultation and exploration, Porchlight became a trusted resource for Knotwood. Porchlight was engaged to provide strategy and artwork for a wide range of projects, from social media and advertising to 3D renderings to support of retail line reviews.