A lot can happen in two years, and it’s been just that long since Ryan Kramer joined our team. In the brief time that this kind, quirky Midwesterner has been with us, he’s reminded us of why we love the South…namely, the food and the weather. Keep reading to find out more about Ryan.

How does the team describe him?
Those on the team who love sports are quick to gush over Ryan’s background as a collegiate baseball player. While not everyone agrees with his passion for the Cubs, we all know who to talk to for insights into the latest game. Meanwhile, the less sports-oriented members of the team are quick to celebrate Ryan’s great sense of humor, thoughtful manner, dependability and insatiable curiosity.

In other words:
– We’re grateful to have Ryan in our dugout.
– We know that whatever he works on, he’ll give it his all (not to be confused with his ya’ll).
– Ryan’s attitude serves as an ongoing reminder that there is more to being a team than matching jerseys.

What do we wish he could teach us?

Ryan has so many skills that it’s hard to narrow the list. But it boils down to his tenacity and determination. We want to know how to write scripts to automate all our mundane tasks so we have more time to practice our curveball and smile all day.

What his boss, Greg Corey, has to say about Ryan.

Ryan has a strong sense of duty to his work and dedication to his skillset. He’s always trying to develop new skills and find ways to improve his process. As a result, he’s good at doing a lot of different things and quick to learn new things. Ryan may be one of the younger members of our team, but he always seems to be teaching us something.

What does Ryan want people to know about Porchlight?

We do a lot of different things, which means that our team is really good at shifting around while maintaining sight of the big picture.

Got a favorite project, Ryan?

A lot of my time at Porchlight has been working on the IGA rebrand, so that’s a particular project I’m really proud of. I love being able to see my work on the shelf in a store!

What’s something you love doing or wish you could do more of?

Because I love problem-solving, I love rebranding and any project where I get to build something out of nothing. It’s just a giant, complex puzzle waiting to be solved, and when you do, it’s incredibly rewarding.


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