Photographers aren’t the only ones who make a pretty picture possible. Editorial and lifestyle producers work behind the scenes to get things done that you might not even think of. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect on set:

First, you’ve got to pick the perfect photoshoot location. You may have to register for permits (yes, that’s permits with an ‘s’) and hire security. This could range from 2-3 guards to a whole team of policemen, blockades and all.

Now, it’s time to charge your phone. With a lengthy list that includes the photographer, their assistants, art director, creative director, prop/set designer, stylists, makeup artists and talent – you’ll be doing a lot of over-the-phone coordinating.

As for finding the right talent, casting calls can take weeks of planning, sometimes longer (seriously). Once you’ve got your model, you and your crew pull together outfits, create sets and buy props.

Budgeting. Yep, that’s your job, too. You decide how many crew members to hire and what food to serve – two meals a day, plus enough snacks and beverages to keep everybody happy, even vegans!

Timing is super important. If the client wants a shot of the sun setting on the beach, you’ve got to schedule everything else around this moment. Miss it, and your photo’s gone.

Our biggest tip? Be prepared because not everyone else will be. Bring extra sunscreen, a first aid kit and anything else to make the shoot run smooth. To learn more about what Porchlight has to offer, contact us. For news, updates and insights into the creative agency world, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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