For many companies, be they brands, small businesses or corporate enterprises, hiring out for creative services is a tricky proposition. Immediate negative thoughts may come to mind, such as losing control of your project, having to explain your services to non-experts, dealing with feedback, timing, quality control and, of course, staying on budget. But, none of those negative thoughts need to become issues when you know what to expect, how to prepare and when to start.

We work with a variety of clients, from retailers to brand families to family-owned brands and service providers. Some have in-house design teams and massive organizational charts, while others can fit their entire organization around our conference table. The point is that everyone needs help from time to time, and the challenges they face are often similar.

Why Work with an Agency?

One of the hallmarks of a good creative agency is a diverse team, one that includes seasoned leadership paired with a team of multidisciplinary artists and account people. This buys you a blend of experience and energy, all of which should be engaged in your project. The senior team knows their way around ideas, direction and holistic strategy. The multidisciplinary artists and account teams are the jet fuel for your project. And who doesn’t want more energy, technical input and wide-open creativity on your project?

It goes without saying that agencies aren’t the only place you’ll find amazing talent. Talent is everywhere. What is true of agencies is that they have access to a wider net of award-winning, diverse talent. For instance, your creative team may have mad digital or social media skills. But, are they award-winning package designers, logo designers, photographers, videographers, animators, copywriters and art directors?

It may seem counterintuitive that a team of non-experts in your product or service area can be just what you need to sell it, but that’s often the case. Skilled creative teams are exposed to a variety of clients, products and platforms, giving them a curiosity that’s incredibly rich and valuable. Likewise, creative teams are unbiased and unburdened by historical, structural and other corporate quicksand that can burden even the most passionate internal teams.

Most creative agencies are masters at mobilizing resources. Any agency that has been around for a while has developed an organizational structure that allows for expansion when needed. Likewise, agencies are bound by deadlines and schedules and are masters of time management and speed.

If any of the above feels like familiar struggles, consider reaching out to a creative team for a consult or proposal. One thing is guaranteed, you will move the ball further and faster with help.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll talk about the specific types of projects and initiatives that benefit from the help of a creative team. Following that, we’ll discuss best practices and advice for optimizing your creative agency relationship.

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