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AMES Research Laboratories

AMES Packaging Gets a Modern, Branded New Look

What We Did

  • Competitive Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Photography
  • Packaging
  • 3D Renderings

Ames’ Research Laboratories is a family-owned business, known for providing the most innovative and environmentally friendly coatings in the world. The challenge that brought Ames to Porchlight was a very universal one. Ames’ product packaging had become dated. While their previous packaging had a certain homegrown quality, it lacked the scientific sophistication and directness that has made the company successful. It also lacked the flexibility and strength needed to represent an expanding product line.

With the new packaging, Porchlight has given Ames a modern, branded look. The new packaging is straight-forward and easy to navigate, just like the company. The redesign process involved a lot of housekeeping and prioritizing. Specifically, we removed all non-essential information from the front of the packaging. Next, we established a cleaner, more consistent brand architecture.

As with any project of this scale, there were many micro projects along the way. These included copywriting consistent descriptions, and taglines. Our team developed a system of simple iconography for application techniques and carried that system into more detailed technical illustrations where needed. Photography was another critical aspect of the new packaging. The custom photography is unique, evocative and illustrative. It completes the brand.

The new packaging features a simplified logo and clear hierarchy of information, reinforced by limited colors and fonts. A visual system for substrates and application techniques makes the most of space. Background imagery is specifically designed to support the hierarchy, quickly and quietly communicating the product’s purpose.

Carl Sabo

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Porchlight always has our best interests in mind. They take the time to listen and learn about our business and goals. If your firm is looking for creativity, quality and expediency, Porchlight is the way to go!


There’s a big difference between brands built well, and those built in a hurry. In this way, brand construction is like the experience of the “Three Little Pigs.” Some methods and materials hold up better than others. Great brands are built with carefully constructed positioning, identity and messaging, with brand standards operating as an owner’s manual.

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