Generating Demand for Outdoor Living with Louvers

What We Did

  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video

When you think of expanding your outdoor living space, the idea of a louvered roof system may not be top of mind. That is, until you meet Equinox Louvered Roofs. These exclusive, controllable shade structures are built for residential and commercial architectural design applications and provide incredible durability and flexibility in ways no other solution can. But if you don’t know about Equinox, how do you know what you’re missing? Our team set out to solve that challenge through a coordinated digital marketing strategy designed to generate demand for outdoor living the way only Equinox can deliver.


The first step in any digital marketing effort is to make sure that the website demonstrates what the brand promises. That includes the user experience, design and content. For Equinox Louvered Roofs, we knew that the user experience was diverse, meaning that we had to design a site that would offer value to end users (homeowners and businesses) as well as dealers, installers and architects. We eliminated any confusion by dividing the site amongst the different audiences both in the navigation and in the on-page experience. The challenge with Equinox is balancing visual inspiration with technical education. Too much of either one can deter important audiences. 

Testimonial Videos

One of the ways we solved the visual-technical divide was through client testimonials. We interviewed three different audiences to get firsthand validation that Equinox does what it says and delivers a unique experience. These client testimonials include a homeowner, architect and restauranteur. 

Digital Marketing

Because Equinox is an architectural product that’s sold through a dealer network to both homeowners and businesses, our digital marketing efforts included lead generation and brand awareness campaigns. These reached across channels and targeted multiple audiences. 

Our efforts to build brand awareness among end users included organic and paid social media content and search ads. We focused on a mix of visuals, callouts and testimonials targeting both residential and business users. These ads generated engagement for Equinox, seeding future interest. All content features calls-to-action that drove interested homeowners and business owners to the online resources and contact forms. 

Our lead generation campaigns targeted business owners. Through organic social, paid social media and paid search, we told the story of how Equinox Louvered Roofs turn unused outdoor space into revenue-generating square footage. All traffic was funneled to online calculators and other tools, wherein Equinox’s marketing lists grew steadily.