Hyper Tough

Package Design and Hyper Tough Grease Guns: A Case Study

What We Did

  • 3D Rendering
  • Packaging
  • Visual Merchandising

Our work on Hyper Tough started with a call from the manufacturer. They wanted to pitch five different models of grease guns to Walmart with the goal of the super retailer adopting and marketing the products under their exclusive Hyper Tough label. This was a huge opportunity for the manufacturer, so using our merchandising, retail and branding know-how, we made it happen.

We started by building 3D renderings showing what the products’ packaging would look like, as well as renderings of the products within planograms to show how they would visually stand up next to competitor brands on the shelf. We provided options for packaging designs and structures, from boxes to blister cards, and rendered the ideas and populated them with copy, creating a dynamic presence while also taking care to adhere to Hyper Tough’s brand guidelines. We finished everything off by creating recommendations for how the products themselves should be merchandised.

Naturally, the pitch to Walmart went well. They chose three products to bring to market. With stage one of the project behind us, we moved onto the next phase: building out the final designs from concept to production. We created die lines for all products. Fully realized packaging designs were then created following retailer guidelines, ensuring that the logo was on three different sides of the packaging to give the retailer flexibility in how they displayed the products.


To anchor the boxes with product imagery, we created a shot list and executed the photography. To ensure that the products hit the shelves with some urgency, we developed diagrams to show how the merchandise would be packaged and shipped. We also made PDQ trays for the blister card-packaged product.

Ultimately, the project was a success. To see for yourself, stop by your local Walmart and check out Hyper Tough Grease Guns as they’re on the shelves today.

Jason Potter

National Channel Manager

Porchlight helped our product make it to market under Hyper Tough’s label, and we couldn’t have done it without them. We really benefitted from their branding and merchandising expertise.


  • 3 out of 5 pitched products picked up by Walmart
  • 3 new packaging structures developed
  • 3 Hyper Tough-branded packaging designs developed
  • 1 new PDQ tray created, including a new structure and design under the Hyper Tough brand