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GD USA 2018
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Trash Bag Packaging Re-Design for Iron-Hold

What We Did

  • Competitive Research
  • Photography
  • Packaging
  • 3D Renderings
  • Brand Collateral

Berry Plastics originally wanted us to get their Iron-Hold trash bags color family consistent, but they quickly added onto that by having us do slight revisions to their opening price point/inexpensive packaging. After seeing what a big difference the slight changes made, they then wanted to see all-new creative.

The main challenge was the overall design was trying to carry more weight than the typical opening price point trash bag. But we didn’t want it to connect with any of the national brand names either. They also did not have any logo or color palette consistency. We ended up doing three versions of three different families of product, with each family organized by color for its gallon size. We did versions that were close to the original and others that were totally new. We also made slight revisions to the logo and even did a full photoshoot so we could have all-new photos to choose from.

In the end, we brought them a consistent, scalable design that should last the test of time. We did everything from in-store research to structure designs to font families and brand standards, which also led to us to doing some of their trade show booths, sales sheets, coupons and digital ads.


There’s a big difference between brands built well, and those built in a hurry. In this way, brand construction is like the experience of the “Three Little Pigs.” Some methods and materials hold up better than others. Great brands are built with carefully constructed positioning, identity and messaging, with brand standards operating as an owner’s manual.

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Brands need a firm foundation to be successful in the market. They need solid footing to rally engagement, both internally and externally. Strong foundations are built – and rebuilt – through careful evaluation and response to the different factors that impact success, including the market, the offering and the audience.

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