SANY America

Developing Brand and Content Strategy with SANY

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Traditional Marketing

Founded in 2006, SANY America is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty construction equipment. Their goals were simple: They wanted to elevate their business and distinguish their brand within the construction and heavy equipment industry. Given our experience in brand development, web development and content strategy, we knew we were the right folks for the job.


The first thing we set about answering was the question, “Who is SANY?” To that end, we created a positioning deck exploring opportunities for SANY to own space within the market. Given options, they focused in on what felt most true, namely their willingness to innovate and their ongoing commitment to owners and operators. From that, we developed their brand platform, promise and personality. 

With brand clarity on our side, we set out to redefine SANY’s web presence. In addition to writing messaging and web copy, we designed and built In conjunction with SANY’s innovative personality, we also designed and developed a wholly new ecommerce site, Released to select test markets, SANY Depot was envisioned as a fully online service to buy your SANY machine. Porchlight created the website, and when it was time to advertise and create some buzz, we created billboards, print marketing and digital. 

Porchlight’s work with SANY over the past two years has mushroomed into over 100 creative projects ranging from logos, new product brochures and blog posts to website designs, ConExpo trade show booths and more. As we continue our work together with SANY, Porchlight is excited to see what the future brings.

Gabriel Weiss

Director of Marketing

I appreciate all of the fantastic work that the Porchlight Team has done to showcase SANY America!! You have helped us find and define our brand to be known as innovative in a ‘traditional’ industry. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next…