Packaging Redesign for Diversitech Grill Pads

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Brand Collateral

DiversiTech is North America’s largest manufacturer of equipment pads and the first to create a lightweight grill mat that protects against sparks, spills, and stains — aptly named The Original Grill Pad®. The product’s initial packaging centered on the image of a grill, instead of the product itself. Having partnered with us previously, DiversiTech called on our package design expertise to make The Original Grill Pad® the hero.

In addition to the imagery, we saw a need to rework the amount of text on the wrap, most of which was too small to read from a distance. We aimed to design a wrap that communicated more efficiently, while quickly educating the consumer on its benefits and features. We replaced the grill image with “The Original Grill Pad®” in large letters, front and center. We also included icons that call out what type of grill equipment the product can be used with.

The structure design portion of the refresh proved challenging — our wrap needed to fit snuggly on store shelves, while clearly conveying what the product is all about. To aid in this, we designed a merchandising system, which holds the product upright and showcases its unique features.


There’s a big difference between brands built well, and those built in a hurry. In this way, brand construction is like the experience of the “Three Little Pigs.” Some methods and materials hold up better than others. Great brands are built with carefully constructed positioning, identity and messaging, with brand standards operating as an owner’s manual.

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