The Home Depot

Catalog Development and Design for the Home Depot

What We Did

  • Competitive Research
  • Layout
  • Brand Collateral
  • Press Check

Porchlight has partnered with The Home Depot on their annual sustainability report since 2012. This report has grown substantially from the first time we did it (the first one was only 20 pages!), and every year we’re challenged with finding new ways to show more information while incorporating fresh, new design ideas.

Content-wise, this report always has so many moving parts and numerous departments involved that it’s a constant work in progress right up until it’s due to the printer. Working hand in hand with the client on an almost daily basis and keeping everyone aware of timelines are critical.

The end-result is hard to argue with – it’s definitely not your average annual report. It can stand on its own as a design piece and is a good example of how to continually improve upon a year-after-year projec



Ron Jarvis

VP Merchandising/Sustainability at The Home Depot

What I admire about the Porchlight team is the degree of ownership they attach to each project. They take it personal, and they have tremendous pride in the final results.


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