Website Redesign for Amerimax Home Products

What We Did

  • Illustrations
  • Web Development

Amerimax came to us seeking assistance in generating traffic to their website. How often do you think about your home’s gutter system? It’s not typically the first thing you think of, but your gutter is usually the reason for many of the common problems that homeowners face.

In working with Amerimax, we determined a plan of action that consisted of giving consumers a place to educate themselves on their gutter needs. We decided our primary focus would be redesigning their website to easily convey this information. In the first phase of this project, we dove into extensive research on what buyers look for when purchasing gutters or gutter accessories. Through this process, we found that consumers were actually shopping for solutions and not for a new gutter system.

We determined that it would be beneficial to consumers if the Amerimax website were laid out in a problem/solution format. From there, we simplified the shopping experience by providing a step-by-step breakdown of what products could fix or prevent specific issues.