In the bustling marketplace of home improvement marketing, standing out means not just being seen, but also being remembered. When traditional text and images can no longer shoulder this task, it’s time for video marketing to take center stage. Through video, brands become storytellers, educators and trusted advisors, offering a window into their products’ real-world applications and emotional resonance.

The ROI of video marketing is undeniable: Studies show that 86% of marketers report using video as a marketing tool, and when they do, they report a 54% increase in brand awareness. When paired with social media, video marketing can help your brand reach audiences that you might not even have thought possible. With each captivating frame, you’re not just building brand awareness; you’re nurturing leads, fostering trust and ultimately driving sales.

Crafting Quality Content for the Right Audience

“Video is such a compelling way to connect with your audience and tap into emotion. Seeing real people using a product is incredibly powerful and makes it much more relatable and exciting to the viewer. A picture captures a single moment and might leave you wondering, ‘How did they do that?’ Video, however, lets you experience the entire process.”

– Peter Hobbs, Videographer

Video content enables home improvement brands to weave narratives and sell a lifestyle, an experience or a dream. It’s about crafting scenarios that resonate deeply with viewers, like a family gathering in their newly renovated kitchen that highlights the beauty and functionality of their surroundings. You can even create videos of that renovated kitchen that let interested consumers connect with other enthusiasts or shop your products directly. That’s the power of video marketing!

So, where do you start? You must first choose which video format is more relevant to your product, and what you want to accomplish. Your choice will ultimately depend on where you host your video marketing work.

  • Short-Form Videos: Quick and compelling, these videos grab attention on social platforms, delivering impactful messages designed to intrigue and entice. Think TikTok and Instagram.
  • Long-Form Videos: These immersive experiences offer a deeper dive into your brand’s foundation, building trust and providing value through tutorials, tours and testimonials. They are essentially videos on YouTube.

“Short- and long-form videos work so well together. Short-form is a great way to share tips and tricks – it ignites curiosity. Long-form is wonderful for unboxing and instructions, especially when you include a hook to keep viewers engaged until the end. It delivers the satisfaction of seeing the full picture.”

Peter Hobbs, Videographer

The stage in which you present your video content is as crucial as the content itself. From the trendy territories of TikTok and Instagram Reels to the far-reaching realms of YouTube, each platform serves as a unique channel to captivate your intended audience. Porchlight is here to help and can collaborate with you to figure out which format and platform will get the widest reach and resonate the most with your audience.

Analytics and Optimization

Once your work is released into the wild world of online content, you’ll need to keep track of what’s catching on, and what isn’t. Assessing the ROI for video marketing is key. Track metrics like brand reach, website traffic, engagement, and conversion rates to understand the true impact of your video content and refine your strategy for continuous improvement.

Here at Porchlight, we delve into data analytics and strategic optimization to ensure your video content reaches, resonates with and activates your audience, driving traffic, engagement and conversions. For instance, per Natalie Moffett, Digital Marketing Manager at Porchlight, “Our analysis shows that viewers who engage with home improvement video content are three times more likely to visit a brand’s website compared to those who see static images.” That’s a hard statistic to ignore and is just one example of the kind of data we look at to optimize your video marketing efforts.

Video marketing in the home improvement industry is not just a tactic; it’s a dynamic and powerful strategy that can elevate your brand and cement its place in the hearts and homes of your customers. With a nuanced understanding of both the art and science behind video content, you can transform your marketing efforts from mere announcements into engaging narratives that inspire and convert. So, let’s roll out the red carpet for your brand and watch your business grow with every press of the Play button.

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