Today’s shelves are stocked chock-full of products. And get this: It takes only four seconds for someone to decide if they’re going to take your product home. That’s why your product’s got to pop (off the shelf and into the shopping cart). Check out these tips for effective packaging, straight from our design team:

  1. Keep it Simple. Simple design is memorable design, which will keep people coming back for more. Simple is also easier to describe. Let’s say a mom sends her son to the store to buy your product. The easier it is for her to describe the packaging, the easier it will be for him to spot your product. This saves the consumer valuable shopping time.
  2. Do it Differently. Take what your competition is doing in a different direction. If their design palette is marked by muted tones, try a touch of brightness. Their typography tight and trim? Then test out a handwritten look. Don’t be shy. It’s all about experimentation, so go ahead and have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, chances are so will your consumers.
  3. Create a Feeling. Your packaging does more than just hold your product; it creates a connection. So consider a design that makes your consumers feel something. If your brand focuses on nostalgia, you could incorporate black and white imagery. Calmness? Think soft tones and rounded letters.

With these packaging design tips in mind, consumers are bound to pick your product off the shelf, time and time again.

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