In the same way that you might check a map to orient yourself before starting on a hike, the same is true for embarking on a project or developing strategy. We call this process brand discovery, and it’s how we get to know your brand inside and out. We survey your brand, from collateral to online reviews.

Audience Analysis

Consumers are the focus of everything we do in retail. So, it helps to know them well. From interviews and focus groups to online research, our team can bring your shoppers to life. More importantly, we can help you understand when, where and how to connect with them for best results.

Competitive Research

It wouldn’t be retail without categories and competition. So, it’s important to understand the other brands and products out there as competition and consumer choices. From store walks to competitive positioning, our team knows how to survey the retail landscape to provide useful, actionable insights.


Once we know all that we can about your brand and its intersection with consumers, we can begin to provide actions and insights to bring you success. We deconstruct the various obstacles and opportunities facing your brand and deliver recommendations for strategies and solutions.

Mallory Hesketh

Marketing Director at Capital Investment Advisors

This team never skips a beat in understanding our world and providing design strategies to best help convey our technical jargon to our clients and potential clients.


Therma-Tru is the #1 entry door brand in the U.S. among building professionals. For the opportunity to lead the entry door category for The Home Depot, Therma-Tru asked us to re-design their bay because its current design was not testing well. They specifically challenged us to create a display for their Pro line that would differentiate itself from their standard line.

To gain a deeper understanding of the needs of consumers and pros (and even associates), we partnered with a premier research firm to conduct in-store intercepts in Southern California Home Depot locations. We also walked several store formats in various markets throughout the U.S. Our goal was to fully understand the ideal shopper environment that would best drive engagement and purchase.

The end result was an attractive merchandising structure that allowed shoppers to touch and see all available options. This personalized the shopping experience, promoted product availability and provided helpful comparison information about the standard and Pro product lines.

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The Deck Plus line of deck screws is one of many brands owned by the Hillman Group. The products are high-quality and serve a specific purpose and type of project. Until recently, none of these features were well-articulated or illustrated online. As a result, consumers were confused, products were returned and Lowe’s asked Hillman for help.

When Lowe’s called on Hillman to improve their ecommerce assets, the team at Hillman called on Porchlight. As is the case with many retailers, Lowe’s ecommerce standards were vague. So, the team at Porchlight set about to define a standard that would set the Deck Plus brand apart online while also serving as a guide for Hillman’s other brands.

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