Today’s marketing teams look nothing like they did before the internet, email, ecommerce or social media. In fact, many look different than they did just two years ago before the pandemic.

Suffice it to say, the goals, targets and tactics that are the foundation of marketing strategy are becoming squirrely. As we write this white paper, disruptions in the global supply chain are forcing retailers to raise prices while shelves remain empty, and workers remain elusive. So, if it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under your marketing plans for the past couple years, you are not alone.

Our advice for this ongoing season of uncertainty is this: As you consider your strategy for the coming year, leverage the process using a collaborative methodology to build organizational alignment and improve outcomes.

In our white paper Leveraging Marketing Strategy to Build Buy-In and Improve Content, you’ll learn to facilitate collaborative discussions around users and journeys to develop an integrated and accessible marketing plan.

  • We’ll explain the importance of structured collaboration to manage expectations and attitudes.
  • We’ll walk through the four steps to building consensus, from persona discussions and user journey mapping to collecting input and maintaining engagement.
  • Once you understand the basics of collaborative marketing strategy, we’ll explain how it not only benefits company culture, but also elevates the content that marketing teams generate.

Are you ready? Download the white paper to learn more.