Crafting a Story Around Everyday Moments

What We Did

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  • Photography
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Within the kitchen and bathroom industry, the hansgrohe brand is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and innovative design — and has been since 1901. With the launch of its Joleena collection, hansgrohe developed its first-ever transitional line of kitchen and bath fixtures. When the time came to share Joleena with the market, hansgrohe turned to Porchlight to help craft and visualize the story.

Our work began by developing a narrative concept for Joleena. As we learned more about their expertly crafted line of fixtures, the story began to unfold. We asked ourselves: What is a fixture? What does it mean to be one? We landed on: Fixtures are designed for anchoring. They are made to function, but they are more than that. They are objects around which we build moments in life. They are integral to our homes and furnish the backdrop of our lives.

Joleena was designed with that notion in mind. With ease and elegance, Joleena supports the little moments and the big ones and is built to last through the years. Joleena is the backdrop for a baby’s first bath. Joleena fills the pitcher for the first lemonade sale of summer. Joleena is there to hold your towel and there as you draw a bath, which you plan to soak in for awhile. Joleena is made for moments.

And with that, we had our concept: Everyday Moments. Impressed with the narrative, the hansgrohe team gave us the green light to build out the story visually. This would include not only fresh, clean photography, but also videography, too. With our concept in-hand, we dove right into storyboarding and scripting, leaving no detail unturned.

Lauren Batts

Marketing Manager at hansgrohe

It was great working with the entire Porchlight team from start to finish to bring our newest collection to life through photography and video.


There’s a total of four videos, each focusing on a different moment in the lives of a mother and her children. At 15 seconds long, these videos are pure snippets of joy — and Joleena. Take the clip shown below. Mom stirs a pitcher of freshly made lemonade with her daughter. They smile lovingly at each other. Cut to Joleena kitchen faucets in four distinct finishes, capped off with the tagline “Designed for moments like this.”

Every fixture is also designed to live beautifully together, so we made sure to capture footage of matching products. For example, we shot a master bath scene where the mom removes her jewelry and places it beside the sink. She then steps gracefully into the tub. Two Joleena fixtures, one video.

Our attention to detail didn’t stop there. From wardrobe to props, we made every decision with great care and noted them in the call sheet to ensure a smooth production. We styled the actress as an everyday mom, tying back to Everyday Moments. Not too hippy or preppy, she would come off as young and active, and her outfit would demonstrate financial comfort. Back to that jewelry we mentioned. We chose a necklace with the letters H and J on it — a subtle nod to the brand. And hand towels in hansgrohe green.

These details were also captured in photos. We took product, what we call traditional shots, as well as dynamic action shots like running water over fresh vegetables and a woman splashing water on her face. These would serve as the base for the Joleena product catalog, a beautiful journey through the everyday moments and fixtures around which we build our lives.

Product Catalog

Just as we did for the videos, we took our time crafting the catalog’s messaging. Thoughtful headlines like “For those quiet moments” pull the reader into the body copy, where they’re reminded of those magical parts of the day such as a long soak in the tub. Bubbles, closed eyes and all. Joleena is designed for moments like this.


Through our hard work and dedication to the details, we were able to help hansgrohe successfully launch their elegant line of transitional fixtures into the hearts and homes of millions.


There’s a big difference between brands built well, and those built in a hurry. In this way, brand construction is like the experience of the “Three Little Pigs.” Some methods and materials hold up better than others. Great brands are built with carefully constructed positioning, identity and messaging, with brand standards operating as an owner’s manual.

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