In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. And one of the recent game-changers in the digital realm is the rise of ad blockers.

These tools empower users to take control of their online experiences by filtering out intrusive ads. While this may initially seem like a challenge for marketers, it presents a remarkable opportunity to rethink how we deliver advertising and prioritize authentic, seamless experiences through a strategic blend of paid content marketing.

The Ad Blocker Dilemma

Ad blockers have become ubiquitous, with millions of users opting to block ads for a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns, page load speed and general annoyance. According to a recent EarthWeb report, almost 43% of internet users in the United States are using ad blocking software. As the adoption of ad blockers continues to grow, it’s paramount for brands to understand the implications and adjust their advertising strategies accordingly.

The Power of Paid Content Marketing

In this new era, native advertising has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional banner and display ads. Native ads seamlessly integrate into the user experience, blending in naturally with the surrounding content, though it is indeed paid advertising. Whether it’s sponsored articles, branded videos or paid-partnership social media posts, native advertising provides value to the consumer while promoting brand awareness in a non-disruptive way.

Authenticity Is Key

In a world oversaturated with advertisements, authenticity stands out. Native advertising prioritizes transparency, relevance and valuable content that aligns with the interests of the audience. By delivering genuine, engaging messaging, brands can foster trust and build meaningful connections with consumers. According to a study by Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab, consumers view native ads 53% more frequently than traditional display ads. This increase in engagement can significantly impact brand recall and perception.

Paid content marketing, done right, offers a win-win situation. We deliver informative and engaging content that users appreciate, while subtly promoting our brand and building trust.

– Natalie Moffett, Digital Strategist

Benefits of Native Advertising

  • Improved Engagement: Native ads are designed to seamlessly blend in with the user’s online journey, leading to higher engagement rates. This increased engagement translates into higher brand recall and connection with the audience.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Native advertising is all about providing value to the consumer. By delivering relevant and valuable content (like home improvement tips or project inspiration), brands enhance the overall user experience and add value to the user’s online journey.
  • Long-Term Brand Loyalty: Building relationships based on trust and authenticity through native advertising can lead to long-term brand loyalty and advocacy. When brands consistently deliver valuable content that aligns with the interests of their target audience, they become a trusted source of information. This trust fosters long-lasting connections and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Blending Ad Styles

How can you leverage the power of this strategic mix of ads? The key lies in creating a cohesive strategy that blends these two approaches for maximum impact.

Native Advertising

  • Maintain Consistent Messaging: Ensure your native ads and display ads work together to tell a unified brand story. But remember that native ads should seamlessly fit into a website or social media platforms; they should not stand out. Consistent branding is also important. For example, you would not want a glaring logo in an article your consumer may be reading. Instead, you would include branding within the imagery or links.
  • Utilize Strategic Display Ads: Spark user interest and guide them towards your high-quality, native content. This could be a captivating blog post packed with DIY project ideas, an informative infographic explaining the latest home improvement trends or an engaging video showcasing how your products solve common renovation challenges.
  • Target Precise Audiences: Both native and display ads benefit from audience targeting, ensuring your ads reach the right people. This not only increases engagement, but also ensures your native content reaches those most likely to find it valuable.

Embrace the Future

As the ad-blocking era continues to shape the digital marketing landscape, embracing and maximizing the power of authentic, native advertising is the way forward. By prioritizing transparency, relevance and value in your advertising efforts, you can forge connections that endure and drive meaningful results for your brand.

The Porchlight team is here to guide you through this new age of marketing and advertising. Let’s create meaningful connections with your audience and fuel your brand’s growth through effective advertising and marketing strategies. Ready to get started?



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