If you’re in retail, you know just how common point-of-purchase, or POP, displays can be. They’re an opportunity to think outside the shelf, try out different promotions, target seasonal events and much, much more. But as omnichannel marketing becomes the norm, one might wonder where the humble in-store POP display stands. Does it still have a place in a marketing paradigm increasingly focused on ecommerce?

Luckily, we have an answer for you. In our newest white paper Integrating Digital Practices with In-Store POP Displays, we explore the many ways you can bring digital experiences to your in-store POP. We also debunk some conventional wisdom along the way. Is it expensive to bring the digital into your POP? It doesn’t have to be. Does it have to be flashy or go viral? Nope. We’ll give you suggestions and show you what you need to do to give your consumers a unified in-store and digital experience that will draw them into your user journey, give you access to hard-to-track data and justify your ROI. 

Ready to get started? Download our white paper below and learn how to make your POP really pop.