Six Things Every Digital Marketing Report Should Include

      /  6 Minute Read

    Modern marketing is all about data. As it should be. Because so much of today’s marketing happens on tiny computers we carry in our pockets and on our wrists, nearly everything we do is trackable. But what does that really mean? Better yet, where can you get ahold of some of this data and use it to your advantage? The…

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    Love Them or Hate Them, Here’s How to Get Personas Right

      /  7 Minute Read

    Personas are a strategic tool used in marketing to help visualize a particular audience or segment. Personas bring intangible qualities to life by bundling them into a fictional representation. These characterizations can include various qualities depending on the product or service doing the targeting. Characteristics might include what the ideal customer looks like, what they wear, their income level or…

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    Scalable, Budget-Minded Research Strategies for Home Improvement Retail Brands

      /  8 Minute Read

    Research is the first step to any successful project. It can be as minor as reading and preparing a creative brief or as monumental as conducting a nationwide poll. As important as it is, research is often one of the first things to get cut when budgets get tight. After all, we operate in the fast-moving world of retail which…

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    Leveraging Marketing Strategy to Build Buy-In and Improve Content

      /  2 Minute Read

    Today’s marketing teams look nothing like they did before the internet, email, ecommerce or social media. In fact, many look different than they did just two years ago before the pandemic. Suffice it to say, the goals, targets and tactics that are the foundation of marketing strategy are becoming squirrely. As we write this white paper, disruptions in the global…

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    The Five Types of Shoppers and Strategies to Reach Them

      /  10 Minute Read

    For those of us in retail, the advent of shopper data is one of the most valuable developments of the digital age. Thanks to cookies, IP addresses, subscriptions and social media, we now know more about consumer behavior and patterns than any other time in history. Although most retail platforms haven’t developed fully personalized shopping experiences for the individual, we…

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    Essential Tools for Succeeding in eCommerce

      /  5 Minute Read

    Here’s a bit of news that’s not really new: The way we shop has changed. You knew that, right? You probably also know that we’re six months into a global pandemic that has most people working from home, dining in and shopping almost entirely online. The growth of eCommerce is not news. Nor is the fact that more and more…

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